TikTok’s ‘Out of Phone’: Social media advertising from Small Screens to Big Billboards


TikTok’s ‘Out of Phone’: Social media advertising from Small Screens to Big Billboards

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Say hello to TikTok’s ‘Out of Phone’ initiative, a dynamic and game-changing activation that promises to transform the way we consume content in larger-than-life settings.

The Era of ‘Out of Phone’

It’s good news for brands as TikTok, renowned for its endless creativity and viral content, is now venturing into uncharted territory. With the ‘Out of Phone’ program, TikTok is giving brands the opportunity for their social content to step out of the consumers’ hands and onto grander stages, both literally and metaphorically.

A Glimpse into ‘Out of Phone’

‘Out of Phone’ is split into three categories, “Out of Phone: Billboard,” “Out of Phone: Cinema,” (both of those categories are pretty self-explanatory so we won’t go into detail) and finally “Out of Home: Other Screens,” this third option, will run TikTok content on screens in bars, restaurants, airports, and other locations.

Why the Buzz?

It’s all about taking TikTok’s vibrant content and bringing it to life on enormous screens, well beyond the realm of a smartphone. It’s not just a mobile app anymore; it’s a full-fledged multimedia experience, unlocking new potential for branding and marketing and elevating the reach of social-led brand campaigns.  The initiative is set to revolutionise how TikTok content is experienced and is expected to open the door to an array of creative opportunities.

What Lies Ahead?

As TikTok’s ‘Out of Phone’ initiative continues to evolve, we can only imagine the possibilities. From immersive marketing campaigns on billboards to a new way of enjoying TikTok’s video content on the silver screen, the future is brimming with potential. If you thought the world had already gone TikTok mad, it’s about to be turned up a notch!

In Conclusion

As the ‘Out of Phone’ initiative takes centre stage, it’s essential for professionals and marketers to keep an eye on its evolution and look at how it can serve them best. 

What are your thoughts on this pioneering development? How do you envision it transforming the advertising and social media landscape? Join the conversation!

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